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Swimming Pool Slide

Pool slides are the great addition and accessory to a swimming pool, bringing not only lots of fun but making every family member get involved and share the splash excitement. Swimming pool slides are available in a variety of heights and lengths. Typically, pool slides are established in the public swimming pools and water parks but it is always possible to put your own pool slide in your yard for private enjoyment.

The swimming pool slides are made of durable polyester and reinforced glass fibre. Various slides can be equipped with special nozzles for better water approach in order to reduce slipping. Handrails are often made of stainless steel or painted aluminium. Also, different pool slides can be used in different types of swimming pools. Pool slides are installed only in the inground pools. There are inflatable pool slides as well that are more flexible and easy to move.

Inground Pool Slides

Manufacturers offer slides of all sizes – from small children to large versions, suitable for commercial use in large open ponds for children and adults. Designs are produced in different forms: it can gradually descend into the pool or end with a small trampoline or descent may not be smooth, but in steps. Inflatable structures can be equipped with water pump supplying water to the top – then sliding will be easier and faster, and skin damage will be minimized.

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