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Glass Swimming Pool Fence

If a swimming pool is installed on the territory of the house, the installation of the fence becomes an obligatory requirement to prevent any accident. The fence not only protects the pool from stray animals, but also prevents accidents involving drowning. The minimum height swimming pool fence is one and a half meters. Such a fence must necessarily have a lockable gate. With the installation of the fence, you must keep in mind a number of things. Despite the fact that the main function of the fence is security, few people are ready to sacrifice attractiveness.

Fences for swimming pools are classified according to the functions they perform. Multipurpose fence allows you to enjoy the surrounding area from inside the pool. The best type of fence for this purpose is a spaced fence. For additional strength, it must be covered with a wire mesh and make sure that the height of the fence is not less than a meter. The mesh attractively highlights the picket fence and provides a high level of security. Make sure that the fence is built of quality wood.

Metal Swimming Pool Fence

Confidentiality is one of the main reasons of a homeowner’s concern. Most people do not want to be watched when they rest after bathing. The best swimming pool fence that serves this purpose is a wooden continuous fence of at least a meter in height. A thick fence can also offer privacy inside the courtyard. However, the best solution is a continuous fence with no gaps between panels. Even if there are thin gaps between the panels, it will ensure proper confidentiality.

If the cost is not an issue, you can pay attention to the decorative fences. Such fences follow aesthetic elements, and the fence of wrought iron is more prominent than others. The fence of wrought iron is much more expensive than the wooden fence. Decorative fences are also cut out of galvanized steel, which is not only strong, but also aesthetically attractive. Unusual designer fences not only complement the attraction of your yard, but also guarantee a long service life. If beauty is the main task, choose decorative fences.

Contemporary Swimming Pool Fence

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