Vinyl Pool

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction
Shaped Vinyl PoolStylish Vinyl PoolVinyl Pool Liner ReplacementGreat Vinyl Pool

Vinyl pool is one of the types of classical pools, on the bottom and walls of which vinyl film is installed. It is installed after a pit is dug in the ground, then a […]

Concrete Pools

Modern Concrete Pools
Creative Concrete PoolsModern Concrete PoolsConcrete Pools IdeaGreat Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are considered a classic that is popular at all times. When ordering the project of a country house, this type of pool is chosen by many. Construction of concrete swimming pools is […]

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Great Fiberglass Inground Pools
Shaped Fiberglass Inground PoolsRound Fiberglass Inground PoolsFiberglass Inground Pools with LightingCharming Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass inground pools are a whole bowls made of modern high-strength materials. They are immersed in the prepared pit, and then the equipment and network cabling are installed. All it usually takes no more […]

Plastic Swimming Pool

Hard Plastic Swimming Pool
Kiddie Plastic Swimming PoolPlastic Swimming Pool with LaddersPlastic Swimming Pool for Whole FamilyRound Plastic Swimming Pool

Plastic swimming pools of polypropylene is a bowl made of polypropylene sheet with a wall thickness of not less than 4 mm. Plastic pools can be of various shapes and sizes. Special stiffeners that […]

Fiberglass Pools

Amazing Fiberglass Pools
Beautiful Fiberglass PoolsAmazing Fiberglass PoolsGreat Fiberglass PoolsLovely Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are pools made of multiple layers of special materials to boost the strength and durability. There are 9 layers in total; 5 layers of chopped fibreglass and gel coat, vinyl ester […]