Rectangular above Ground Swimming Pools

Rectangular above Ground Swimming Pools with Spa
Simple Rectangular above Ground Swimming PoolsRectangular above Ground Swimming Pools with Stone DeckBackyard Small Rectangular above Ground Swimming PoolsIncredible Rectangular above Ground Swimming Pools

Unlike premade composite, polypropylene, collapsible basins, the shape of the bowls is limited to manufactures, the shapes of concrete pools can made as they are seen by future owners. The configuration is limited only […]

Oval Swimming Pool

Above Ground Oval Swimming Pool
Oval Swimming Pool with CoverOval Swimming Pool with DeckOval Inground Swimming PoolAbove Ground Oval Swimming Pool

The pool does not have to be rectangular. It can be non-standard, blending harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, with curved shapes. Though such pools are more expensive than standard ones – rectangular, but they […]

Large Pool

Large Pool Oasis
Large Pool with Rocks, Patios and Covered PavilioCool Large PoolSimple Large PoolLarge Pool with Gazebo

The choice of the size of a pool requires a compromise solution, since on the one hand – the more it is, the better, on the other – with the increase in its size, […]

Portable Pool

Small Portable Pool
Portable Pool with Metal FramePortable Pool for KidsSimple Portable Round Swimming PoolPortable Pool for Whole Family

Portable pool – it’s a great, inexpensive replacement for usual pool. Your whole bathing season you will have a place, where to bathe and relax. In addition, you do not have to spend money […]

Swimming Pool Shapes

Choice of Swimming Pool Shapes
Popular Swimming Pool ShapesChoice of Swimming Pool ShapesSwimming Pool Shape and ConstructionFreeform and Geometeric Swimming Pool Shapes

The shape of the pool can be a classical version, and any other forms of design. Of course, a simple and proper form is much easier to pick up the ambient surroundings and to […]

Inground Pools

Round Inground Pools
Extraordinary Inground PoolsFiberglass Inground PoolsOriginal Inground PoolsShaped Inground Pools

If pool is required only for the summer period, it is best to build it on the site. The easiest, cheapest, but at the same time fragile construction is inflatable pools, most often they […]

Above Ground Pools

Large Above Ground Pools
Luxury Above Ground PoolsAbove Ground Pools with CoverIntex Above Ground PoolsAbove Ground Pools Design

The simplest case of the use of above ground pools is a temporary pool without equipment with a one-time bulk. You just feel hot, fill the pool with water, cool, and when there is […]

Oval Above Ground Pools

Oval above Ground Pools Design
Traditional Oval above Ground PoolsLarge Oval Above Ground PoolsOval above Ground Pools with Wooden DeckingOval above Ground Pools Idea

The geometry of the oval above ground pools is two regular semi-circles around the edges and in the center straight section equal to the diameter of the circle. Currently, a variety of geometric shapes […]

Small Pools

Small Pool with Waterfall and Wooden Deck
Amazing Small Pools for RelaxSummer Small Pools for Cozy BackyardShaped Small Swimming PoolSmall Pool with Waterfall and Wooden Deck

Summer holidays in the country doesn’t look so interesting, if there is no place to swim nearby for example lake, river or pond. However, small pools (concrete, inflatable or frame) in the country may […]