Above Ground Pool Covers

Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Holders of own above ground pool will certainly have to think about how to protect them from dust, dirt and leaves. These problems not only spoil the aesthetics, but also pollute the water. That is why, it is necessary to buy such a thing as an above ground pool covers. Above ground swimming pool covers are made of several types of materials: canvas or a dense polyethylene. This is not only a tribute to the aesthetics, but also a way to keep the water clean in the swimming pool as long as possible. Plus, such a protective barrier significantly reduces heat loss of water at night, thereby maintaining the water temperature at comfort level.

In hot weather when wearing a tent water warms up very quickly, because it creates a kind of greenhouse effect. Dense above ground pool covers can be used in winter as an additional protection against drifts and snow. This way of protecting pool is canvas, duplicate form pool and its superior size. Above ground pool covers on the bumpers stretched and secured externally by strong laces.

Security Above Ground Pool Covers

Functional and durable above ground pool covers, stitched from dense tissue are used for frame pools. For this purpose canvas covers are used, which can protect the pool not only in summer but also in winter. They are moisture resistant, cold-resistant and can withstand exposure to ultraviolet radiation is good. The use of practical above ground pool covers eliminates the probability of flowering, contamination or evaporation of water.

Widely known brend Best Way and Intex offer a large selection of above ground pool covers, intended for the inflatable and frame pools. All products are made from modern materials that provide high strength and durability. For above ground pool covers fixing cords are provided securely enable the design, as well as drainage holes to prevent the accumulation of moisture on the surface. High quality shelters help keep the pool safe throughout the bathing season.

Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

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