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Floating pool is nothing new for modern architecture and it is a good solution for the people: in the hottest time of year, people are still swimming in the river, but it is not safe, because the water is dirty, floor not cleaned, and for insidious. Floating swimming pool give the opportunity to swim with pleasure and health benefits, and it is possible form around it a whole infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, walking paths, etc. Floating pool concept emerged in the late 19th century, when the shores of the Hudson floating baths were built. Floating pool is a promising alternative or complement to stationary ground pools. It allows you to use the extra space for water sports, which is especially important for modern cities. In addition, floating pools can improve the infrastructure of cities and regions, as well as their tourist attractiveness, taking into account the accompanying construction of restaurants, cafes and other facilities for recreation.

These pools have long been popular in America and Europe. In New York, with its rapid pace of life for a few years there is a floating pool nyc barge Floating Pool Lady, pleasing residents of the possibility of a wonderful holiday in the most unexpected and very sought-after locations. Pool Floating Pool Lady is an example of a successful conversion of an old barge into a modern sports and entertainment complex. The project started in 1999, and in 2008 opened its pool of seven 25-meter swimming lanes, which can simultaneously accommodate 170 swimmers.

Brisbane River Floating Pool

And today in this city, with the participation of specialists in different profiles developed another floating floating swimming pool nyc + Pool, which will be located on the East River. In May 2004, the Badeschiff pool was opened in Berlin, which means “bathing ship”. Pool is based on an old barge and is considered one of the most unique pools in Europe. In cold weather, it becomes covered. Currently, such pools are gaining in popularity, and in Moscow. In particular, the new swimming area appeared directly in the Moscow River, the park “Fili”.

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