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Garden swimming pools are different from other water tanks in that they don’t have planted plants. Usually, swimming pools are designed for swimming. Their main decorative detail is the bottom, so this kind of reservoir should be located in such a place from where the bottom is clearly visible. The shape of the pool can be either correct or arbitrary, depending on the overall style of the garden. Swimming pool and garden design should be correctly combined. For example, in a section where straight lines predominate, it is desirable to make a basin round, rectangular or square.

Most often in landscape design, pools with concrete waterproofing are used. The bottom of the pools is often covered with different types of tiles. When choosing its color scheme, most often all kinds of shades of blue and green colors are used, they create an impression of depth and coolness. It should be remembered that the darker the color of the tiles, the deeper the pool will appear. Modern styles of outdoor garden pools suggest a special elegance of swimming pools. This is achieved by combining the color of the tile of the pool itself and the marble decorativeness of its surroundings.

Garden Swimming Pool Design

Modern styles suggest swimming pools around which there is a place for relaxation, sun loungers, umbrellas, a veranda with a table and awning. The landscape should be planned in such way that around the pool a walking zone is created, which does not allow leaves and branches in rain and windy weather fall in the pool. Plants are planted around the pool so as to hide the pool from prying eyes, create the appearance of a protected zone, the illusion of peace and solitude. Sometimes one side of the pool is made with wide steps, imperceptibly immersed in the clear water. However, it should be remembered that despite the decorativeness of the steps, they are always particularly slippery and require attention and special care.

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