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Garten Pool Idea

Pools in garden area always attract the eye. On a hot summer day, it will give a sense of coolness and will refresh mind. A quiet murmur of water will soothe, energize and bring a good mood to anyone who needs it. The choice of type of garten pool out of huge number of options depends on the stylistic direction of the garden, and host’s flavors. Dynamic streams, fountains and waterfalls create a feeling of constant movement, they are suited to active and self-confident people. Those who love peace and tranquility, will prefer quiet pond, garten pool or a small swamp. The correct garten pool on the site will give any landscape completeness and charm.

Depending on the shape, garten pool can be divided into two types: formal and free boundary. Such garten pool has a strict right forms. Often they are in the form of geometric shapes: oval, circle, square, rectangle. Sometimes these objects have more interesting polygonal or elliptical contours. Clearly designed coastlines allow not to plant anything near pond, and trim shape perfectly fit into any garden, regardless of its style and space. Garten pool with free boundaries is great for large areas, as it takes a lot of space. The outlines of such a garten pool have a natural view, but beach has a need of decorating garden plants. In addition, the design of garten pool should match the style of the garden.

Small Garten Pool

Pond is a popular type of static garten pool. It is suitable for those who prefer naturalness and tranquility. Quiet smooth surface bring harmony and give vacation ideas to your mind and soul. A pond in the country can be decorated with sculptures, and along the shore to arrange green spaces. Settling in the water frogs can every evening enjoy the sounds of nature. Garten pool is a pond, that performs not only a decorative function, but with a practical side. Swimming in the clear water of its own garten pool under the scorching summer sun is the dream of many. This object requires special care, as it must always comply with sanitary standards. garten pool owner will have to acquire the equipment for cleaning, heating and backflow of water. Inside a garten pool is laid out with tiles. Due to the variety of its forms and colors, you can create a variety of original designs. Garten pool beach can be decorated with palm trees, or other exotic plants, planted in tubs.

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