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Many people like swimming, but not all have the opportunity and desire to go to public pools. If you do not favor visiting public places and have sufficient financial resources, an excellent solution will be to arrange a pool in the basement of your own house or on the ground floor. When placing home swimming pools, many things should be considered: waterproofing and thermal insulation, an effective ventilation system, and the technical feasibility of construction. Of course, the ideal option is a separate extension near the house, which will accommodate the bathhouse. If this is not possible, in the house the pool is best located on the ground floor, because placing a large volume of water on the upper floors can lead to very adverse consequences.

Experts in Feng Shui say that it is not worthwhile to make a pond on the ground floor of a private house, because living quarters should not be above water or a large empty space. If you do not pay attention to Feng Shui and put the fulfillment of your desires above such practices, the construction of a pool in the basement of a private house will be the right decision. After you have decided to arrange a place for swimming in the basement, you need to decide on its type and the set of basic components. The shape and depth of the pond will depend on the size of the basement of the private house, so here many homeowners are limited in their choice.

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In total, there are three main types of pools for the house: stationary (monolithic), prefabricated, inflatable. The choice of this or that kind will also depend on the size of the basement of the private house. The stationary pool represents strength and reliability, but its device involves serious costs, not only in material, but also in labor terms. Stationary structures on the ground floor are usually not made by house owners. Their construction is done by professionals. The assembled and inflatable pools are very simple to install, but there is no need to talk about functionality and large sizes. If you are not going to swim and dive, and make a swimming pool for your children, then these types will suit you best. In addition, the costs will be low.

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