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Luxury Inside Swimming Pool

A pool in the country house can be located almost in any part of it, even on the roof or in basement. Often owners prefer to install it next to sauna. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances of construction and strictly follow the approved project. To make inside swimming pool of your dreams, it is more appropriate to add it to the plan even at the design stage of the whole house. In this case, you can successfully organize the room and avoid unforeseen surprises. The question of design is also important, but at the very beginning it has almost no effect on project, but when the premises are ready, all communications are made, it’s time to finish and look at your pool in a private house.

Typically, designer’s advice about inside swimming pool decoration is matching the styles of both pool and house. For example, if the house is built in a classical style, then room with an inside swimming pool must match this. Walls with this option are well decorated with waterproof paint, tiles, acrylic plasters or with the help of cork paneling. If you are decorating it in a country side, for example, fit the wall covering with wood or stone facing. If it’s an art deco, then mosaic panels or tiles should be everywhere. For those who have more difficult financial opportunities, you can decorate the ceiling and walls with plastic panels – a very economical option.

Marvelous Inside Swimming Pool

In order to create a pool in a modern style, it is recommended that one of the walls be made of glass, and completely, using a frame with double-glazed windows. The remaining walls can be mosaic for metal or simply painted with a waterproof paint with a metallic. Pool in winter garden style with a lot of living plants always looks great; the interior should be finished with materials such as wood and glass. And you can make a separate room with a pool in the style of closed beach. To do this, you should use a sand tile to trim the sides of the pool and arrange a warm upper light that mimics the sun. It is also not bad to place a few palms in tubs, arrange a bar made in Hawaiian style, as well as sun loungers, umbrellas – a warm resort environment will be provided even in eerie frosts.

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