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Outdoor pool helps to bring into life the idea of summer holiday. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products of various models, modifications and construction materials. Extra outdoor swimming pool is a multilayered rigid steel frame that is fixed by the means of support legs. In fact, these pools have different variations of frame models, but there is difference in durability, strength and resistance to external influences. The price of such products is significantly lower than that of stationary pools for villa. This is achieved due to price of materials, simplicity and cheapness of installation.

Local outdoor swimming pools are basically divided into 3 types: seasonal (that are disassembled at the end of the season, however, it is not recommended to do in order to prevent damaging of the entire structure); off-season (frost-resisting, sometimes they are heated; such pools are left on the street for winter), and stationary (it is a type of frost-resisting pools that is completely dug into the ground). Such pools are constructed once and for all times, as their lifetime is 15 years or more.

Outdoor Pool with Cover

Stationary outdoor swimming pool installation does not tolerate errors in the assembly, so it is better to entrust its installation to experts, during assembly the sheet film can be bent and broken. The outside part of the pool is usually decorated as wood, marble or stone blocks. The rigidity of the frame is provided by special ribs (racks) and bumpers. Outdoor pool area design ideas can vary a lot. The shape of the pool can be round, rectangular or oval in most cases. If the garden landscape allows you to build a swimming pool in the shape of eight, it will require additional frame struts in places of narrowing. Typically, off-season and stationary pools installed in the country are frost-resisting. They are designed for expansion of water during freezing. Thus, the products do not require draining the contents.

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