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Flagstone Pool Coping

So you have constructed a concrete inground pool, but it does not look great, because as everything else in this world it needs finishing, and pools are no exception. Pool coping is a cap for edges of pool. It is not a decorative, but also a handy thing, as when you get into pool, water waves and splashes. And swimming pool caps prevent water from getting out of the pool. For coping purposes nowadays these materials are used: Paver, Brick, Natural Stone, Cantilevered Concrete, Travertine.

Brick is the most common material for copping, it has bull-nose or rounded edge, its price is about $25-$30 per linear foot. Pool coping made of natural stone offers the stone’s texture, warmth and sturdiness of. There are a lot of stone type materials ranging from limestone and natural fieldstone to quarried granite, from limestone and natural fieldstone, all types of natural stone offer beautiful coping solutions that will last for a long time. When you are working with natural stone, it is important to specify its consistence and thickness as it is the most visible element of pool.

Flagstone Pool Coping

Pool coping made of precast concrete offers a wide range of patterns, textures and colors, often it has a significantly lower price compared to natural stone or poured concrete. From an installation standpoint, it is usually simpler to install, and it is also commonly easier to provide the same color and thickness when working with natural stone. Vinyl pools are a special thing and thus they require unique approach. Pool coping of vinyl-lined pool includes three main types: Top-Mount Coping: Cantilever-Edge Coping and Flat-Mount Coping. Top-Mount Coping is made with heavy aluminum that has powder-coat with all-weather finish. Cantilever-Edge Coping is all about concrete deck is poured up to the form to create a deck that comes right up and over the pool’s edge. Flat-Mount Coping is actually a track that contains the pool liner.

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