Pool Design Ideas

Contemporary Pool Design Ideas

Summer is a hot season, and the need to cool is becoming a vital necessity. Pools often perform a purely practical function and do not serve as decoration, and sometimes the opposite happen: the same type of inflatable pools like bulky plastic is unattractive and does not please the eye. But nothing prevents to combine the useful with the pleasant, does it? The construction of a pool of unusual shape is the most obvious and primary option of all pool design ideas. It should be carried out at the earliest stages of the construction of the pool. The scope for fantasy is great: from unusual geometric shapes to perfectly defined objects. To give your idea more credibility and believability and complete the image, use the backlight, drawings on the bottom and additional accessories.

One of the original swimming pool design ideas will be a pool with transparent walls. You can build such a pool with glass or acrylic panels integrated into concrete walls. It is possible to make several walls transparent at once or to confine to the portholes. A small bar counter that is directly integrated pool is very bright and functional solution, so that you can sip cool cocktails without leaving the water. One of the most stylish modern swimming pool design ideas is the long narrow pool. Such a minimalistic type of pool is ideal for an area with limited space. Lagoon pool is another interesting option. Trees create shadow, while waterfalls, picturesque boulders and, possibly, small islets will help you turn your pool into a paradise.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

A photographic plate or a special coating with a drawing applied to it on the bottom of your pool will help to realize any your artistic idea. Another option for decorating both the bottom and the entire pool as a whole is lighting. There are many options: LED ribbons, underwater lighting lamps, spotlights. In addition to the decorative function, the backlight also serves for convenience: with it you will be much more comfortable and safer to bathe in the dark. There is infinite number of pool landscape design ideas. If the landscape allows, why not make a swimming pool that will catch your breath. To implement this idea you need to place pool on a low hill.

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