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Pool Lighting LED Strip Light

Swimming pool – is a place of active rest for the whole family, where children always hasten as soon as they wake up. That is why it is worth to consider design to the smallest detail to make staying in the pool enjoyable and exciting. Lighting has a very important role in the pool’s construction. A variety of lighting fixtures for swimming pools are not only used for lighting up the water in the dark but also to create a unique ambience.

Fundamentally, there are three types of pool lights: incandescent, halogen and LED (light-emitting diode). Incandescent lights are no longer available on the market due to their obsolescence and energy inefficiency. If your pool is old these lights are probably the ones you have. In contrast, halogen lights are more technologically advanced and are more energy efficient, and longer lasting than incandescent lighting. However, the cost of halogen lights is higher in general and it is also necessary to replace some parts of the lamps annually.

Solar Pool Lights

The most elaborated and updated swimming pool lights are LED lights. These lights create a very bright and clear shinning and make the pool lighted up to a bigger extent than previously described pool lights. The purchase price is higher than for other lights but it can be explained by a longer lifespan (in fact, 10 times longer than halogen lights) and significant energy efficiency they have. Besides, LED lights can change their colour that thereby can generate the magnificent extraordinary atmosphere in your swimming pool and entire property.

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