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The most common pools in the buildings are concrete, because they have a number of significant advantages over other types of swimming pools. Reinforced swimming pool can be of any shape, almost any volume, while guaranteed the structural strength and the possibility of using various finishing options – tiles, mosaics, pool paint and other decorating options. Thus, an artificial pond is built with high quality, damp-proof and ready for finishing, and now we will talk about how to color the concrete pool. One should choose pool paint for concrete carefully, because it will have to face the constant exposure to water, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, chemical cleaners, and with all this to maintain a high adhesion to concrete and color stability. In the production of epoxy paints for swimming pools specialists succeeded in obtaining a universal product, which provides a wide application. Epoxy pool paint – is a two-component system, in which the composition of dry residue occupies 98%.

When such paints are applied to the surface of the pool, it forms a brilliant, non-porous, smooth finish which is resistant to ultraviolet light, aggressive detergents and even temperature changes. Epoxy paint for the pool can be applied to the different surfaces such as tile, concrete, adhesion (PVC), fiberglass and wood. The versatility of these inks is that they are designed for operation in open space and cured at room temperature. One of the most used types of pool paint is considered acrylic paint for pools. The pool paint has an excellent water resistance, flexibility and mechanical strength. It is used for decorative and protective painting underwater and above-water part of the pool. Water-resistant paints perfectly manifested themselves in operation. Acrylic pool paint for swimming pools reviews are only positive, of course, if you buy high-quality paint in a special color-studio.

Acrylic Waterbase Pool Paint

It is also quite common to use rubber paint for painting swimming tank. Rubber paint is for swimming, as it covers the concrete wall of the pool by breathable waterproof film. Rubber paint for concrete pool proves to be excellent in the work. Such paint can be applied directly on the concrete and it can be covered with tile, and lost its shape as needed.

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