Salt Water Pool

Saltwater Pool Advantages

It is not a secret, that sea water has positive effects on humans. All of us have evolved from sea creatures, so it is not a coincidence, that our blood is similar to the mixture of seawater. Sea salt penetrates tissue and blood, stimulates the activity of the organism, it improves functionality of organs and production of necessary materials. The composition of sea water promotes the renewal of blood. There are a lot of reservoirs filled with salt water on our planet Earth. Unfortunately, the majority of human settlements is located too far from them, and not everyone has an opportunity to visit sea regularly.

Salt water pool is an excellent alternative to well-known resorts. In addition, it is always near you and there is no need to spend a lot of money to trip somewhere, just to swim. What is so remarkable about saltwater swimming pools? First of all, they recreate a small piece of sea. Of course, water for pool is not being taken out of sea, as it would be too time-consuming and expensive. It is made on the spot out of pre-cleaned water taken from an artesian well and than some sea salt is added to it. Sea salt contains of a lot of minerals and sodium chloride, but ordinary table salt does not have them. But if sea salt is produced a natural way, without adding chemicals, all of needed minerals remain therein. In order to produce sea salt, shallow pools at shore are filled with sea water, the sun shines and the water evaporates, leaving a highly concentrated solution, the surface of which is formed with crystals of sea salt.

Saltwater Swimming Pool System

The second problem, which should be solved during production of salt water pool, is the storage and regeneration of seawater. Sea water should be disinfected additionally.
Third problem is utilization of sea water. Pouring out salt water in sewer system is possible only in small doses, in order to not letting raise the salinity of the environment. Pouring out sea water on the landscape is not desirable too, so the complete emptying of the salt water pool must be calculated with keeping in mind the receiving capabilities of sewerage systems. Fourth thing, that you should think about is selecting equipment for salt water pool because sea water is much more corrosive compared to pure water.

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