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Equipping the pool with additional equipment is an effective measure to increase its attractiveness. You can expand the functionality of the pond by installing a fountain or a waterfall for the pool, making the bathing varied and useful. Swimming pool fountains are suitable for ponds that are located indoors or in the open space. Their installation will ensure: effective enrichment of water with oxygen and improvement of circulation of its layers in the bowl, it will serve as an attraction for children and adults, which performs not only aesthetic, but also massage function; it can be a point of visual and sound relaxation, due to the murmur of jets; harmonious and original visual perception of the artificial pond in the environment.

Products of this category combine a variety of forms and materials of manufacture, and the price for a fountain or waterfall for a pool depends on its dimensions and design features. Wall models perform a decorative function and mimic the natural cascading stream waterfalls. There are fountains that are made of plastic or stainless steel. Typically, this design is hidden in the wall of natural or artificial stone during installation. In order to create a special light effect in the dark, you should select models equipped with LED-backlight. Onboard models are made of stainless steel and represent a design of the pouring shape (cobra, gander, crescent). They are placed directly above the bead. A powerful flow of water allows using these models as massage equipment.

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Regardless of the form and type of installation, the principle of operation of all swimming pool fountains is unchanged, water is taken from the pool and through a distributor via a pump is fed to the diffuser (nozzle), from where it returns back to the bowl (from top to bottom). A wide range of products allows you to buy waterfalls for a pool of various shapes and sizes. It should be noted that such equipment requires installation by specialists. The choice of the model depends on the required tasks, the volume of the bowl and the design features of the reservoir. Water units function independently of the circuits of the filtration and water heating system.

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