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Underground pool, located in the basement of a private house is the most appropriate solution for those who like to swim at any time of the year. Pool itself is a complex hydraulic structure, and underground pool is even more. However, modern technology in the field of construction permits to equip underground pool even in soft ground. On soft ground the foundation in the form of a monolithic slab is made, which has subsequently installed underground pool. It should be mentioned that it is dangerous to build underground pool in the basement of the already built house, because it must be provided at pre-construction project. This takes into account how to increase the depth of the plinth, a large load weight, an effective system of ventilation and heating, dehumidification, emergency discharge of water and moisture-resistant finishing material premises. Otherwise, the humidity will increase not only in the basement, but in the whole house, and condensation on the walls will appear.

Underground pool in basement of the house may have a variety of constructions: reinforced concrete, welded stainless steel, and acrylic. Preparations should be made that the pool ledge should rise above the floor about 30 centimeters. It is advisable to finish sides, as well as the room with ceramic tiles. The most reliable and durable is stationary underground pool. Its size may vary, it depends on the area of your house. For its construction hydraulic concrete is used. Then it is covered by any water resistant lining material, usually a ceramic tile. However, this option is quite expensive. In addition it is impossible to build stationary underground pool without any experience by your own hands. Even a small error can lead to very serious consequences.

Lux Underground Pool

In this case it is much easier to deal with prefabricated underground pool. But it is impossible to use underground swimming pool in the basement of a private home for diving, due to its limited functionality, and small size. The next step is to determine the filtration system. Underground pool, built in basement of private house can be skimmer or overflow. Skimmer filtration is most suitable for the conventional rectangular underground swimming pool. Top layer of water that goes through skimmer of the contaminated water is disinfected and cleaned. Then, through the holes in the walls water is returned to the pool. Overflow type provides specially equipped side gutters into which absorbs top layer of dirty water, which is displaced by clean, coming from the bottom of the pool. The main condition for this is the water level, which must match the level of the flanges. Underground swimming pool can be supplemented with a variety of functions such as massage, counterflow, waterfall, and so on.

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