Pool Skimmer

How to Make a Pool Skimmer
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Market of cleaning technology regularly presents new devices that can be either very useful or completely useless. Pool skimmer can be considered useful one; it is used by the owners of swimming pools for multi-purification of water. If you leave your pool without any covering, which often happens, all sorts of dirt get into the water. Therefore, in order to purify water in the basins, additional devices are needed to solve these problems. It is […]

Oval Swimming Pool

Oval Inground Swimming Pool
Inflatable Oval Swimming PoolOval Inground Swimming PoolOval Swimming Pool LandscapingOval Frame Swimming Pool

The pool does not have to be rectangular. It can be non-standard, blending harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, with curved shapes. Though such pools are more expensive than standard ones – rectangular, but they can be more effectively and successfully used in space that is reserved for them. Everything depends on the size of the pool, its shape, location and terrain, and its layout. Up to date, there are various forms of pools: square, oval, […]

Affordable Pools

Custom Affordable Pool
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It is pleasant to have a swim in cool water in a sunny summer day! Today you can buy an affordable pool for a cottage of any size and design, the choice is great. No longer have to walk far to the lake or drive a car to the river when more time is spent on fees and road. Before you buy any thing it would be wise decision to learn as much as possible […]

Large Pool

Large Long Pool
Amazing Large PoolModern Large PoolLuxury Large PoolLarge Pool with Rocks, Patios and Covered Pavilio

The choice of the size of a pool requires a compromise solution, since on the one hand – the more it is, the better, on the other – with the increase in its size, the costs for construction, engineering equipment, heating are increasing too, and, importantly, if you have a small site, it cuts free space near the house. Dimensions 8x4x1.4 m is considered quite acceptable. In a pool of 8 m long and 1.2-1.4 […]

Pool Design Ideas

Night Pool Design Ideas
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Summer is a hot season, and the need to cool is becoming a vital necessity. Pools often perform a purely practical function and do not serve as decoration, and sometimes the opposite happen: the same type of inflatable pools like bulky plastic is unattractive and does not please the eye. But nothing prevents to combine the useful with the pleasant, does it? The construction of a pool of unusual shape is the most obvious and […]

Swimming Pool Fountains

Swimming Pool Deck Fountains
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Equipping the pool with additional equipment is an effective measure to increase its attractiveness. You can expand the functionality of the pond by installing a fountain or a waterfall for the pool, making the bathing varied and useful. Swimming pool fountains are suitable for ponds that are located indoors or in the open space. Their installation will ensure: effective enrichment of water with oxygen and improvement of circulation of its layers in the bowl, it […]

Heated Swimming Pool

Heated Swimming Pool at Night
Heated Swimming Pool with SpaHeated Swimming Pool EnclosureHeated Swimming Pool with Sun-LoungersIndoor Heated Swimming Pool

If your pool is used not only as a font after a hot steam room, but just for fun, your “water miracle” still needs water heating. To dive into a cold pool in the early summer morning is not a pleasant procedure. Although, pure blue water attracts attention so much. The most comfortable water temperature is 23-25 degrees centigrade; small children are pleasant to flop at a temperature of about 30. Well, relaxing SPA-procedures are […]

Private Swimming Pool

Private Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
Indoor Private Swimming PoolWonderful Private Swimming PoolOriginal Private Swimming PoolPrivate Swimming Pool and Spa

A lot of people who own land now prefer to have their own plastic pools. Of course, in every city there is a public swimming pool and often not a single one. However, the urban style of modern life is such that it rarely allows us to go to the pool. Moreover, urban swimming pools are often closed for summer period. Your own private pool not only allows you to use it at any time […]

Patio Pools

Excellent Patio Pool
Excellent Patio PoolLux Patio PoolPatio Pool with SpaVinyl Patio Pool

A spacious terrace or an open area intended for reception of guests, for quiet pastime alone or in a family circle at dinner, becomes an integral part of most houses. Wicker furniture, decorative fireplaces along with beautiful tiles, pergolas and much more – what else can you bring to the exquisite interior of this cozy corner? The fabulous courtyard of your mansion is also accompanied by a swimming pool, patio pools, Jacuzzi, fireplaces, canopies, etc. […]

Swimming Pool Fence

Metal Swimming Pool Fence
Metal Swimming Pool FenceContemporary Swimming Pool FenceEnchanting Swimming Pool FenceWhite Swimming Pool Fence

If a swimming pool is installed on the territory of the house, the installation of the fence becomes an obligatory requirement to prevent any accident. The fence not only protects the pool from stray animals, but also prevents accidents involving drowning. The minimum height swimming pool fence is one and a half meters. Such a fence must necessarily have a lockable gate. With the installation of the fence, you must keep in mind a number […]