Vinyl Pool

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Vinyl pool is one of the types of classical pools, on the bottom and walls of which vinyl film is installed. It is installed after a pit is dug in the ground, then a wooden or metal frame is lowered there and already this film is attached to it. These pools are generally cheaper than those built from concrete or fiberglass basins. Since the 1960s, vinyl pools have been produced in South Africa providing cheaper, […]

Home Swimming Pools

Sweet Home Swimming Pools
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Many people like swimming, but not all have the opportunity and desire to go to public pools. If you do not favor visiting public places and have sufficient financial resources, an excellent solution will be to arrange a pool in the basement of your own house or on the ground floor. When placing home swimming pools, many things should be considered: waterproofing and thermal insulation, an effective ventilation system, and the technical feasibility of construction. […]

Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment Pump
Various Types of Swimming Pool EquipmentSwimming Pool Equipment Leaf SkimmerVariety of Swimming Pool EquipmentSwimming Pool Equipment Surface Skimmer

All pool equipment is divided into two categories: basic and optional. The main thing is this is the equipment without which it is impossible to imagine the work of any water body. It includes filtration, heating and water circulation systems. When choosing basically pay attention not to the appearance, but to the technical characteristics of equipment, since such equipment is located in hidden places. An important place in the construction of the pool is given […]

Garden Swimming Pools

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Garden swimming pools are different from other water tanks in that they don’t have planted plants. Usually, swimming pools are designed for swimming. Their main decorative detail is the bottom, so this kind of reservoir should be located in such a place from where the bottom is clearly visible. The shape of the pool can be either correct or arbitrary, depending on the overall style of the garden. Swimming pool and garden design should be […]

Pool Alarm

Poolwatch Pool Alarm
Pool Alarm Safety EquipmentPool Alarm for Swimming PoolPoolwatch Pool AlarmSafety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Pet Kit

Alarm is designed for swimming pools of any type and the alarm warning of the fall of man in the water. Pool alarm is based on the use of intelligent software to the presence of new sensors. This allows you to simply and efficiently solve your pool safety problem. Alarm for pool responds to any fall in the pool weighing six kg. This pool alarm system is able to distinguish between external stimuli, such as […]

Portable Pool

Portable Pool for Kids
Portable Pool for KidsIntex Portable PoolSmall Portable PoolPortable Pool with Removable Deck

Portable pool – it’s a great, inexpensive replacement for usual pool. Your whole bathing season you will have a place, where to bathe and relax. In addition, you do not have to spend money on petrol, in order to get to the river, or trench, and do not need to spend your time on the road at both ends. Rubber inflatable portable pool – the perfect alternative to large concrete pool for the price, space […]

Cheap Inground Pools

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Construction of private pools on individual plots has become a standard phenomenon as the construction of porches or gazebos. The only difference is in the design and scale: a small pool in the bath, decorative outdoor swimming pool as part of the composition of landscape design and construction of large size and volume – indoor and outdoor cheap inground pools, which are located in the street, with all the associated devices and accessories. The high […]

Cheap Above Ground Pools

Inflatable Cheap above Ground Pool
Intex Cheap above Ground PoolCheap above Ground Pool with CoverCheap above Ground Pool for KidsRectangle Cheap above Ground Pool

Before buying a cheap above ground pool, it is necessary to answer a number of questions, so you do not create a hassle when choosing a model: whether you have an area which is a smooth sunny place away from neighbours, which can bring water; where to get water and where to drain; is it possible to protect the pool from frost? When choosing cheap above ground pools it is important to note that all […]

Cheap Swimming Pool

Portable Cheap Swimming Pool
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Before you purchase cheap swimming pool it would be correct to learn more information about it. And the best option for small income families – is a mobile construction, which is easy to install and dismantle. At present, the following types of cheap swimming pool can be distinguished, to be brought to your attention. Inflatable pool. Classic – a round shape, the most relevant and popular. In a commodity market such pools range is very […]

Pool Paint

Pool Paint Colors
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The most common pools in the buildings are concrete, because they have a number of significant advantages over other types of swimming pools. Reinforced swimming pool can be of any shape, almost any volume, while guaranteed the structural strength and the possibility of using various finishing options – tiles, mosaics, pool paint and other decorating options. Thus, an artificial pond is built with high quality, damp-proof and ready for finishing, and now we will talk […]