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Cool Swimming Pool and Spa
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Since time immemorial, it is known about the beneficial effect of water on the human body. Similarly, the impact on human well-being of swimming pool spa. This is the best solution for those who are successful in their professional activities and just don`t have time for rest. Pain in the neck or back affects healthy sleep, and it is more difficult to concentrate on the job for the whole day. Technology of swimming pool spa […]

Cool Pools

Cool Pool Design
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The world is full of amazing and unusual swimming pools, where you can not only swim, but also get a fabulous pleasure and contemplate the beauty. Imagine cool pools, the edge of which goes directly to the heavenly ocean. Alternatively, cool pools, mirror surface of which creates the illusion of clouds. While swimming in it, the surrounding reality becomes a fairy for you. The noise of the waves, immersed in the green area, the azure […]

Swimming Pool Shapes

Best Ideas of Swimming Pool Shapes
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The shape of the pool can be a classical version, and any other forms of design. Of course, a simple and proper form is much easier to pick up the ambient surroundings and to preserve the harmony of symmetry. The simplest forms, of course, are round, oval, square and rectangle. Geometric pond round the situation and create a sense of stability, practicality and comfort. Also, when choosing a swimming pool shapes you can build on […]

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Unbelievable Swimming Pool Landscaping
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The pool is a good way to relax and spend time relaxing and enjoying the freshness of the water. Swimming pool landscaping combines the natural beauty of the pond and functionality of buildings, created by human hands. Decorating with greenery, garden furniture and other decorative elements territory around it, you can give yourself your own little oasis. Swimming pool landscaping embodies the personal style master of the house, at the same time meeting all of […]

Swimming Pool Ideas

Fresh Swimming Pool Ideas
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What kind of swimming pool ideas do not exist in the world. Designers will just give, they are carousing at glory and the whole amount offered by the customer. Swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar in Chile can be easily confused with the sea, it’s so big. This pool is one of the largest freshwater pools in the world (turquoise color) and is big enough for kayaking, scuba diving and sailing. The swimming […]

Aqua Pools

Charming Aqua Pools
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In order to relax and enjoy vacation, there is no need to go far. You can transform your backyard into anything you like with the help of wide selection of Aqua Pools. Aqua Pools, Patios & Spas was founded by Mark Grant in 1982, since then the company has been helping people in creating ideal outdoor spaces. With years, the company has expanded and opened a larger store in order to satisfy growing product demands. […]

Inground Pools

Round Inground Pools
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If pool is required only for the summer period, it is best to build it on the site. The easiest, cheapest, but at the same time fragile construction is inflatable pools, most often they have a circular shape. The second type is frame pools for the whole family. They are sold ready-made and assembled in the right place. Pools consist of a precast frame, sheet metal and waterproof PVC coating and insulation layer. It is […]

Above Ground Pools

Intex Above Ground Pools
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The simplest case of the use of above ground pools is a temporary pool without equipment with a one-time bulk. You just feel hot, fill the pool with water, cool, and when there is a need, filled it again. Here it is possible to do with anything at all, and quite in vain; it comes to funny things. But time it is better not to think about the sanitary and hygienic standards at the same. […]

Oval Above Ground Pools

Oval above Ground Pools Idea
How to Choose Oval above Ground PoolsBig Oval above Ground PoolsModern Oval above Ground PoolsOval above Ground Pools with Wooden Decking

The geometry of the oval above ground pools is two regular semi-circles around the edges and in the center straight section equal to the diameter of the circle. Currently, a variety of geometric shapes that can accept pool affects many people. Square, rectangular, round swimming pool, oval above ground pools, which only exists pools. Certain types of designs allow making the pool completely arbitrary shape according to customer’s request. Still, sales analysis shows that the […]

Floating Pool

Simple Floating Pool
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Floating pool is nothing new for modern architecture and it is a good solution for the people: in the hottest time of year, people are still swimming in the river, but it is not safe, because the water is dirty, floor not cleaned, and for insidious. Floating swimming pool give the opportunity to swim with pleasure and health benefits, and it is possible form around it a whole infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, walking paths, etc. […]