Luxury Pools

Fashionable Luxury Pool
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In today’s world it is easy to build a pool on your own. Appeal to the professional company will ensure that you will have impeccable quality pool. But everyone intuitively understands that not all pools can be called beautiful luxury pools. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting the emphasis on the design of the pool only. Someone seeks to realize a luxury project in all respects, building complex cascade design, decorating pools sculptures, waterfalls, […]

Concrete Pools

Terrific Concrete Pools
Stylish Concrete PoolsConcrete Pools for PatioCreative Concrete PoolsGreat Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are considered a classic that is popular at all times. When ordering the project of a country house, this type of pool is chosen by many. Construction of concrete swimming pools is not easy and takes a lot of time; however, to build it, you can create a beautiful area to relax at home. The main difference between Beto concrete pools from other types is that its design can be on an individual […]

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Nice Fiberglass Inground Pools
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Fiberglass inground pools are a whole bowls made of modern high-strength materials. They are immersed in the prepared pit, and then the equipment and network cabling are installed. All it usually takes no more than a week. A long list of positive qualities of fiberglass pools made them a top seller on the market worldwide. Guarantee for such constructions is generally about 50 years. Inground fiberglass pools are seventeen times stronger than concrete. But at […]

Pool Cover Pump

Wayne Pool Cover Pump
Safety Pool Cover PumpWayne Pool Cover PumpAutomatic Pool Cover PumpPool Cover Pump 300 GPH

If you are planning to mount a pool in the country, you should definitely remember that splashing in the water is loved not only by humans. It is a perfect environment for microbes, algae and mosquitoes to breed. And there is only one way to stop them from constant reproduction: you should filtrate and purify water all the time. Therefore, basic care of water quality is provided with the help of filtering system that is […]

Intex above Ground Pools

Intex Above Ground Pools for Backyard
Intex Above Ground Pools for KidsLarge Intex Above Ground PoolsIntex Above Ground Pools with Wooden FrameRound Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex Development Co Ltd is the world leader in the production of prefabricated swimming pools, inflatable mattresses, boats and objects made of PVC that are suitable for family holiday on the water, in the country, and at home. But its main product is Intex above ground pool series. The Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool has a rectangular shape, perhaps it is the most popular Intex above ground pools. Although the price is a bit […]

Pool Waterfalls

Cascade Pool Waterfalls
Great Pool WaterfallsStylish Pool WaterfallsCascade Pool WaterfallsRock Pool Waterfalls Design

Another type of pool is pool waterfalls. Place for its creation must have a special relief with different heights. Beautiful swings of streams can be provided with decorative stones, laid out in the form of ledges. Water tank should be well secured and if necessary put a drainage system. Size, height and layout of pool waterfalls depends on individual preferences and capabilities of the owner. It can be quite a modest building with a few […]

Garten Pool

Wooden Garten Pool
Garten Pool IdeaLarge Garten PoolLux Garten PoolGarten Pool Natural Style

Pools in garden area always attract the eye. On a hot summer day, it will give a sense of coolness and will refresh mind. A quiet murmur of water will soothe, energize and bring a good mood to anyone who needs it. The choice of type of garten pool out of huge number of options depends on the stylistic direction of the garden, and host’s flavors. Dynamic streams, fountains and waterfalls create a feeling of […]

Custom Pools

Custom Pool with Firepit
Shaped Custom PoolCreative Custom PoolExciting Custom PoolFreeform Custom Pool

Standard inflatable pools, bulky plastic bowl, the same type of stationary construction, all of this is boring and uninteresting. Custom pools can and should be unusual and original. There are a huge number of custom pool design ideas, and you can always choose the right one for you. It has long gone the days when the pool form was carried out in the form of a rectangle, although it also remains popular. To give the […]

Above Ground Pool Covers

Above Ground Pool Screen Dome Covers
Round Above Ground Pool CoversAbove Ground Pool Screen Dome CoversSafety Above Ground Pool CoversAbove Ground Pool Cover Sun Dome

Holders of own above ground pool will certainly have to think about how to protect them from dust, dirt and leaves. These problems not only spoil the aesthetics, but also pollute the water. That is why, it is necessary to buy such a thing as an above ground pool covers. Above ground swimming pool covers are made of several types of materials: canvas or a dense polyethylene. This is not only a tribute to the […]

Winter Pool Covers

Micro Mesh Winter Pool Cover
Safety Winter Pool CoversEasy Winter Pool CoversSafety Solar Winter Pool Cover in OneWinter Above Ground Pool Covers

Many who have their own home, dreaming about a pool on site. While making this decision, it is necessary to think in advance about its protection from leaves, sand, insects and other things polluting the pool. In addition, there is a question about the winter pool covers. Winter pool cover is kind of a coating of dense, it is elastic, does not get wet, mostly made of PVC material, which is mounted on a specially […]