Kids Pool

Above Ground Kid Pools
Swan Activity Pool Kiddie PoolKids Pool ComplexSplash Dolphin Kiddie Pool with SlideInflatable Kids Pool

Before going to the shop and buying a kids pool it is worth considering which kinds of pools are offered on the market and on this basis make a decision. Most of the above ground kids pools are inflatable as for very small kids and as for grown up children. The simplest model of the kids pool consists of 3 inflatable rings and the bottom. For infants the bottom usually is also inflatable to better […]

Pool Vacuum

Robotic Pool Vacuum
Robot Pool VacuumHow to Vacuum a PoolThe Best Swimming Pool VacuumRobotic Pool Vacuum

For the pool as for any other thing as well the constant care is needed. If you want the pool to last a long time do not forget to vacuum it regularly. In this article there are different kinds of swimming pool vacuums described for you to better understand each other characteristics. The most popular kinds of pool vacuums are handheld vacuums and automatic vacuums. To determine the pool cleaner, which is better to choose […]

Fiberglass Pools

Nice Fiberglass Pools
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Fiberglass swimming pools are pools made of multiple layers of special materials to boost the strength and durability. There are 9 layers in total; 5 layers of chopped fibreglass and gel coat, vinyl ester barrier coat, hand laid woven roving fibreglass and honeycomb core. Of course this composition may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but the point if that there are always several layers applied. Fiberglass swimming pools prices are in general higher than other […]

Pool Floats

Eggplant Lounge Emoji Pool Float
Flamingo Pool FloatSphere Pool FloatPretzel Pool FloatPool Pizza Slice Float

Swimming pool float is an amazing supplement to an inflatable swimming pool. Floating in the pool is joyful and funny and attracts everyone to join. It has always been cool for people of all ages to splash in the swimming pool or to take time to relax on the pool float. The forms, shapes and colours impress with their singularities. They are ranging from various kinds of inflatable mattresses to toys and food or animals […]

Inflatable Pool

Double Inflatable Pool
Outdoor Inflatable PoolInflatable Pool for KidsInflatable Pool Boat HouseDouble Inflatable Pool

Inflatable swimming pool can be always a joy as for adults as for children. There are different sizes and shapes of inflatable pools: square-shaped, oval-shaped, multi-coloured, painted and others. Inflatable above ground pools are easy to set almost everywhere because of their lightness. It would be an excellent addition to a yard during summer time. This pool offers relaxation and chilling in the water; you can have fun with your family and friends. To inflate […]

Pool Covers

Simple Pool Covers
Ultra Light Pool CoversCover for Luxury PoolFree Shape Pool CoverSwimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are used to protect the swimming pool from outer adverse effects such as wind, cold, sun, bacteria, algae blooms, etc. There are three kinds of pool covers: winter covers, pool safety covers and solar covers. Pool cover is a useful swimming pool supply and significantly helps in maintaining pool in a good condition. Winter covers are essential for long cold seasons when the swimming pool is not used. They are made of […]

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool Simple Design
Infinity Pool DecorLuxury Infinity PoolInfinity Pool with Vanishing EdgeInfinity Pool Simple Design

Infinity pool is a pool designed to create the marvellous view of the water extending to the horizon. Sometimes this pool is called Infinity Edge pool as well. They are ranging from smaller ones to bigger and consequently the size and elaboration determines the price of the pool. In general these pools cannot be called cheap because of the special structure and design. This kind of pool has become more modern in past few years […]

Intex Pools

Large Intex Pools
Simple Intex Baby PoolsIntex Pools for Happy FamilyIntex 22 x 52 Ultra Frame Swimming PoolIntex Pools Easy Set with Ladder

Intex swimming pools are extremely easy to set up and are suitable for people of all ages. Intex is the leader in above ground pools and in this article you will find specific information about these swimming pools. This corporation is well-known for its low prices and high quality products. Apart from being more than 40 years on the world market their pools can be purchased at affordable prices. Regularly there is Intex pools clearance […]