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Variety of Doughboy Pools

Doughboy is a company that produces pools for over a half of century, though, it is impossible to say, that this brand has the longest history, this company has shown that it is more than trustworthy, especially if to keep in mind, that it is the only organization, that makes and sells everything made of their own raw materials. So, no company can compare the range of swimming pools and accessories with them.

They produce everything good for swimming, starting with accessories and finishing with big and small swimming pools. The variety of pools is great. There are two types of materials that are used for frames of doughboy pools: rubber and steel. The steel is usually at least 50% heavier, than the steel used for frames by other companies, and it increases the stability of their pools. Special painting technology makes the pools water-resistant and immune to corrosion. The rubber is reinforced by steel that prevents top-rail rocking. Doughboy pools can be installed anywhere, above the ground or inground, with no difference in the construction of the pool. The most popular shapes of pools are round and oval. And a nice addition is that pools are designed to be assembled and disassembled if there is need to move them, however, the liner should be replaced.

Small Doughboy Pools

Water pump is an important part of any pool, as it is difficult, almost impossible, to maintain the right level of water by your hands, but help is coming in the face of this modern device. There are 3 most used types of pumps: a simple pump with on/off witch, a dual speed and a pump with timer. When you are choosing a water pump, you should keep in mind that all of the models have different horse powers, and you should use a water pump, that has enough power to circulate the water capacity of the pool. The lifetime of pools is about 25 years, so once bought it would bring you joy and happiness for a long time.

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