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Inflatable pools are very popular because they have a lot of advantages, namely: affordable price, ease and speed of installation, mobility, etc. Inflatable swimming pool Intex is universally known products. Inflatable pools are indispensable and practical: both with young children, and with the inability to swim in the river or the sea. Summer vacation outside the city loses much in its attractiveness, if there is not a pond nearby – a lake, a river or something else. However, easy set up pools in the country house, assembled on the site with your own hands, will become a worthy alternative that does not require large investments. The easiest, affordable and unpretentious in daily operation is an inflatable pool. Most models of inflatable easy set up pools are made of a double (three layers are less common) cover made of PVC film.

In this case, only the top ring is pumped – the hollow chamber is mounted in the edge of the bead, it is inflated to give the pool more stability. When the pool is filled with water, it rises at the same time as the water level. In large inflatable pools there is an opening through which water can be supplied during pumping, and then – it can be filtered. In small pools such hole is absent; therefore, if there is no desire to change the water too often, water procedures should be washed beforehand. In addition, buy a tent, which should cover the pool, when there is no one in it – this will help to avoid getting insects, dust and foliage. They are called easy set pools for a reason – the entire preparation process will take 15-25 minutes (preparation of the site, layout of the pool, inflating the air chamber).

Free Standing Easy Set Pools

But it has its own disadvantages. First of all – this is a small area of water mirror; you can splash there, but not to swim. There are models that are large (up to 5-7 m long), but they are quite expensive – the price is comparable to the wireframe version. In addition, such pools are very problematic in operation, especially filtration and water purification. Another disadvantage is insufficient strength; such pool is easy to pierce. And yet – the inflatable pool should be periodically pumped up.

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