Oval Swimming Pool

Above Ground Oval Swimming Pool

The pool does not have to be rectangular. It can be non-standard, blending harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, with curved shapes. Though such pools are more expensive than standard ones – rectangular, but they can be more effectively and successfully used in space that is reserved for them. Everything depends on the size of the pool, its shape, location and terrain, and its layout. Up to date, there are various forms of pools: square, oval, round. Modern technologies and materials that are used in the construction of this facility allow you to create any shape. Oval swimming pool combines aesthetic appearance and multifunctionality. Thanks to its form it is ideal not only for swimming, but also for different games (for example, for playing volleyball).

In addition, the oval swimming pool is characterized by maximum safety and comfort. The geometry of the oval of these pools is two regular semicircles along the edges and a straight section in the center equal to the diameter of this circle. In order to give the pool an oval shape, the pool must be “squeezed” from two opposite sides, like it is placed between two solid retaining walls. The recommended thickness of concrete should be not less than 40 cm in length depending on the length of the pool. With the correct oval, the length of the retaining wall is equal to the two radius of the curvature of the basin. Given the large lateral loads from the inside of the wall, the outer side of the wall must be densely packed.

Simple Oval Swimming Pool

It is important to have a good lower horizon when installing the plastic side of the pool, if there is sand at the bottom, it is necessary to spill it with water and tamp well. To ensure during installation of the frame of the pool, that the upper edge of the plastic would not sink inward, it is convenient to use rope stretch marks, like on a tent, fixing one end of a rope with a wire hook over the upper edge of the plastic and the other with a peg into the ground.For the correct location of the film in the pool, the lower seam of the film along the contour of the pool should lie in the lower edge of the plastic bead. To avoid deformation of the walls of the pool, start sprinkling the wall with water no earlier than filling the pool with 100 cm of water, with further observance of this difference.

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