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Poolwatch Pool Alarm

Alarm is designed for swimming pools of any type and the alarm warning of the fall of man in the water. Pool alarm is based on the use of intelligent software to the presence of new sensors. This allows you to simply and efficiently solve your pool safety problem. Alarm for pool responds to any fall in the pool weighing six kg. This pool alarm system is able to distinguish between external stimuli, such as wind, rain, or in the swimming pool equipment. Alarm system transmits a signal over a wireless system to external speakers that are installed in other rooms. Pool alarm is used for both outdoor and indoor pools for.

Pool alarm is especially useful if the children reside near the pool or pets, for that hard to follow if you are not around. Alarm is made of durable material and has a simple design, so you do not have to worry that children will be able to bring it down. Pool alarm responds to any fall in the pool of people, animals, objects using hands-free siren. Pool alarm is particularly relevant if the children reside near the pool, and there is no other way to protect them. Alarm system is made so that children can not disable it. Before the swim alarm must be switched into swimming mode. The operation will also happen if someone tries to remove the device from the water. At a time when bathing is scheduled, the device can be simply transferred to the sleep mode.

Poolwatch Pool Alarm

After the bath, when the water is calm, pool alarm automatically switches to monitoring mode. First we need to determine the type. Today on the market of accessories for swimming pools, there are the following types of alarms: underwater; surface; alarm on the perimeter. The third kind is by far the most popular. Alarm system is installed on the perimeter of the fence, which encloses your pool. Pool alarm will be triggered depending on the model you choose. Basically, it emits a signal when someone passes through the gate unnoticed or fence door accidentally left open. In principle, such systems are most effective. With proper installation and use of this alarm, your child will never fall into the pool without your permission.

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