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The choice of technology used for cleaning swimming pools, as well as equipment for water treatment is dictated, first of all, by sanitary and hygienic requirements, which are applied to the water used in swimming pools. Filtration is one of the basic processes that are necessary to maintain the purity of water in the basin. It should immediately be noted that the filtration process is inseparable from the chemical treatment of water in the basin. When using only one type of water purification equipment in the pool, the desired purity of water is not achieved.

Such pool cleaning equipment as filters for swimming pools is indispensable for keeping the pool water clean and transparent. Water purification of pool should be made every day, regardless of whether the pool is used or not. The filter units have the following principle of operation. Through the water intakes, skimmers or compensation tanks of the overflow basins, the pump absorbs water from the pool. Pollution can be found in the coarse filter of the pump or skimmer. After that, the flow of water supplied by the pump is directed to the filter unit, where the microscopic particles are retained by sand. And as a result, already clear and clean water gets back into the pool.

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As the water filtration process in the pool, the equipment (filter) becomes clogged and ceases to function normally. For this reason, when using a sand filter, it is necessary to backwash this equipment. Alien bodies that remain in the pool water, despite the procedures for water purification, should be removed with the help of manual or automatic water vacuum cleaners. Pollutants, which are much heavier than water, settle on the bottom of the pool and accumulate there. They can be removed either manually or with a water vacuum cleaner. Such pollution will accumulate at the bottom of the pool even with the use of high-quality equipment for water filtration. A very important point when using water vacuum cleaners is the ability to clean the pool without draining water from it.

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