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If you are planning to mount a pool in the country, you should definitely remember that splashing in the water is loved not only by humans. It is a perfect environment for microbes, algae and mosquitoes to breed. And there is only one way to stop them from constant reproduction: you should filtrate and purify water all the time. Therefore, basic care of water quality is provided with the help of filtering system that is operated by pool cover pump. The number of pool cover pumps depends on the size of the pool, its shape and design. As a general rule, to inflatable and frame structures with large volume manufacturers are making one cup filter pool cover pump.

Multiple pumps are required for stationary bowls that are used all year-round or just very often. The main pool cover pump does filtering, while another pump is creating counter, while the third one UV is responsible for launching fountains etc. All pumps for pools are divided in 4 groups: filtering, circulating pumps with conventional suction, self-priming, and heat pumps that are used for heating. Self-priming pool cover pump is a heart of the basin’s water system. Such pumps are usually installed above the pool, because they should pump water and raise it to a height of about 3 meters. Its main function is providing water filtration.

Clog-Resistant Pool Cover Pump

Circulating pool cover pump with a conventional suction is selected by the main pool cover pump. It serves local tasks such as to carry out the movement of water in a particular place of the pool, to create a fountain bubbles in a bubble bath etc. When you are buying an inflatable or frame pool it is usually comes with a cover pump for cleaning the pool. It performs functions of both filter and pump, by cleaning water of debris. Owners who would like to enjoy an outdoor pool through winter need to buy a thermal pool cover pump. These water heat units with the help of the indoor unit are directly lowered in the cup. External power remains at the top and can operate the air conditioner or heater in the closed pools.

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