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All pool equipment is divided into two categories: basic and optional. The main thing is this is the equipment without which it is impossible to imagine the work of any water body. It includes filtration, heating and water circulation systems. When choosing basically pay attention not to the appearance, but to the technical characteristics of equipment, since such equipment is located in hidden places. An important place in the construction of the pool is given to the water supply system. It is necessary to choose a suitable system before the beginning of all work. There are two main systems that are used in the construction of swimming pools – it is a skimmer and overflow. The second option is quite expensive, so it is very rarely used for individual pools. Its advantage lies in the qualitative system of water purification and its heating.

With the help of additional equipment, cosines, comfort and beauty of the pool and the surrounding area are created. These include a variety of waterfalls, water cannons, hydro-massage systems and much more. With the help of such accessories, you can create a paradise on your territory. Recently, floating varieties of fountains are very relevant, since this type of equipment does not require preparatory work and is rather easily installed in an already prepared aqua system. Modern waterfalls for swimming pools differ in design, fall height, width and intensity of flow, as well as appearance. Of all the variety, you can easily choose the option that is appropriate for a particular pool.

Swimming Pool Equipment Vacuum Head

Together with the decorative lighting in the pools are often installed aquamusic – a set of waterproof, sealed speakers, designed to integrate music into the water space. Such equipment, as a rule, is installed in the side walls of the pool. In this case, the bowl plays the role of a subwoofer, amplifying low frequencies. Countercurrents (devices of artificial flow) perform entertainment rather than decorative function. Nevertheless, they are very popular with owners of private pools. Another element of the pool, attracting its functionality, creates an amazing effect of bubbling water.

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