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Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Market of cleaning technology regularly presents new devices that can be either very useful or completely useless. Pool skimmer can be considered useful one; it is used by the owners of swimming pools for multi-purification of water. If you leave your pool without any covering, which often happens, all sorts of dirt get into the water. Therefore, in order to purify water in the basins, additional devices are needed to solve these problems. It is the pool skimmer that can remove all debris that can occur by making the water clean and usable for its intended purpose.

The skimmer is a tank that is made of plastic or any metallic material. A pipeline is connected to this tank, through which water is drawn. There is a window in the side of the skimmer that has floating flap. Through the side window of the skimmer clogged water enters the tank. The provided damper separates the pure layers of water, from the clogged upper ones, so that only the water that has clogged up is purified. Major debris getting into the tank is delayed by means of the installed filter. At the last stage, the purified water is sent for heating, after which it returns to the pool.

What is a Pool or Spa Skimmer Used for

To increase the efficiency of the skimmer, you can connect a water vacuum cleaner to the connector provided by the design. Skimmers for swimming pools are produced not only superficial; there are also more simple designs such as hinged and deep devices. Mounted skimmers are installed in the case when the design of the pool is complete and does not provide for the installation of any additional devices. Deep apparatus are not only used as water purifiers. The functionality of this device allows you to drain water through it, which is necessary when there are no other drainage mechanisms in the design of the pools or water tanks.

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