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For the pool as for any other thing as well the constant care is needed. If you want the pool to last a long time do not forget to vacuum it regularly. In this article there are different kinds of swimming pool vacuums described for you to better understand each other characteristics. The most popular kinds of pool vacuums are handheld vacuums and automatic vacuums. To determine the pool cleaner, which is better to choose in your case, you need to consider a number of circumstances.

When using a handheld pool vacuum first of all it will be necessary to pull the water out from the pool and wait until the surface dries. Then using the vacuum cleaner puffing mode (operates on the principle of the dryer) the drying process can be accelerated. Using a brush nozzle the surface if carefully cleaned, especially in the places with caked and dried mud. This is how it works in a nutshell.

Pool Vacuum Set

An automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner without the guidance of people removes dirt from the walls and bottom of the tank. It works by a set program and can be controlled using the remote control. To choose the automatic pool vacuum first consider the sizes of the pool. To facilitate the cleaning process there is a set of nozzles and brushes included.

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